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Bring Back Your Joy For Life!



Coaching Support for

Stress, Depression & Anxiety



home breakthrough

Personal Breakthrough, Problem Resolution, 

Lifestyle, Balance & Life Cycle Changes.

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workplace coaching mackay

Workplace Coaching for Stress, Performance,

Communications, Priority Management

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Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners
Weekly classes for creating calm and managing stress





 Meet Your Coach


Hello I'm Leonie

I work with Individuals and in the Workplace to help people eliminate the problems and illness caused by stress and overwhelm.

This allows them to get back to living a full, meaningful and productive life.


work with me and learn to:

create a deep state of calm at will

calm your busy mind

manage thoughts and feelings

understand and regulate your emotions

sharpen your focus & concentration

initiate your body's natural healing processes

make the shift from patient to healer.


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Workplace Solutions;

Stress Management, Emotional Regulation


Communication, Time & Priority Management


Group & Individual Coaching Programs

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Why more people are learning these techniques


People are fed up with feeling tired, stressed and sick.

They are frustrated in their search for reasons.

And fed up with costly and ineffective wellness solutions, down-time in the workplace
and loss of important relationships. 

They want more choice, safety and control of their own health and wellbeing.


Natural Calm and Healing offers;


natural, proven & achievable techniques

a sustainable approach to healthy mind, body and spirit

focus on empowering YOU no matter what is going on

strategies to calm a busy mind


training to create positive self-image, thoughts and actions


insight into the dangerous impact of our current food systems


resources and tools to support your journey to self-empowerment




Think Right, Feel Right – 3 Natural Steps

light tunnel

Feeling down? Exhausted? Lost interest in your usual pleasures? Or perhaps you know someone who is struggling with this?

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Three Important Things About Stress


This afternoon I experienced an honest to goodness, over-the-top primal stress response....

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