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Leonie Cridland Coach2

I empower you to claim calmness & confidence as your own.

I show you how to access and use amazing wellsprings of strength and resilience

I open the way for you to love what you do at work AND at home.


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What if you could...

Ditch the overwhelm,

Manage crisis times like a pro,

Slow time down,

Make more time for yourself,

Stop stress and anxiety dead in their tracks,

Enjoy better relationships and

Love what you do at work and at home.


What would that be like?


Stop battling with the current day 'stressed out' Stereotype.

Take control and create a new reality - one that you'll love!


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"Thank you Leonie you not only changed my life but those who are close to me as well.
I am the healthiest I have ever been and I can finally say I am HAPPY!" 


 "I never would have imagined my life would be like this. Thank you so much!"

“Thanks Leonie, for giving me this great opportunity to work with you and have you help me find ME again!!!"

"Leonie was able to identify the real reasons that were holding me back in life"

"...a whole new life has opened up for me. My health is better - it’s without stress."


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     Leave stress and anxiety behind...embrace the joy of being a Career Mum Diva!


Regaining Your Power of Focus

prism focus

I have this fabulous little LED torch. You can widen the beam to cover a broad area, or you can narrow it down to a single powerful beam to spotlight something in particular. Your attention is somewhat like this little torch, you can take in a broad amount or narrow your beam to focus on one thing in particular.

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4 Tips for Career Mothers

career mum2A

In my last post I wrote that the hardest thing about being a career mum is not actually being a career mum...it's how you feel about it all on top. How you think and feel about what you are doing has the potential to change it from a joy or challenge to a drudge and a burden. Here's four simple tips to help you change or control the way you feel about what's going on in your world.

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