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Laughter Yoga



Laughter Yoga is a unique combination of laughing and yogic breathing that bring a wide range of health benefits for the mind and body. Perfect for adults and children, it bypasses the cognitive systems that usually put a brake on laughing naturally.



Benefits of Laughter

Laughter really is the best medicine with a range of proven mental and physical health benefits;


❣ Reduces Stress & Anxiety

❣ Laughing is naturally infectious!

❣ No need to understand jokes or comedy

❣ Breaks down inhibitions

❣ Includes gentle stretching, chanting & clapping

❣ Improves circulation

❣ Trains the diaphragm

❣ Improves breathing and exhalation

❣ Gently massages internal organs

❣ Activates the immune system

❣ Creates positive body chemistry

❣ Connects people and lifts the inner spirit



laugh1Who is it for? 

It's for everyone! Laughter Yoga is suitable for all ages from the very young to the very old. Laughter Yoga is used in laughter clubs, private groups, Corporate and Workplace settings, Aged Care Facilities, Schools, Youth Groups and more. Laughter is infectious! There is no need for jokes or comedy and this makes Laughter Yoga suitable for all ages and a wide range of ability. 


How does it work?

Laughter Yoga sessions are run by a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and include a gentle warm up that breaks down inhibitions and develops feelings of child-like playfulness. Each session contains a variety of laughing exercises that lead to hearty unconditional laughter, interspersed with breathing exercises. The session finishes with a guided ‘cool down’ and relaxation exercise. Sessions may be from 30 - 60 minutes duration.


When and Where?

Laughter Yoga sessions are often held in the park as a free community service. Check with me for upcoming dates and times.


Laughter Yoga Home Parties and Corporate Stress Busting Workshops are also available. Contact me fordetails


Get busy laughing now! Book a Laughter Yoga Session by calling 0438 767 148



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