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Natural Calm

 From overwhelm to calm, control and joy



Tired of being tired?

Mind too busy to enjoy things or rest?

Niggling health issues? 






Take control of stress, calm your busy mind, ditch the overwhelm and enjoy living again.



 Who is this for?


This program is for you if you are feeling tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, isolated, guilty and/or lost.

You may struggle with sadness, depression or anxiety. 

You may feel that life is just one big struggle, 

that it is hard to focus on things,

and feel that you just don't enjoy life any more.


You might also be frustrated by long term niggling health issues.

You may be a business owner, manager, parent, teacher, student, carer or employee.


You will certainly feel like there is never enough time for yourself.



 How does it work?


Natural Calm works comprehensively to address the wellbeing of your mind, body and spirit.  

The goal is to put you in control of how you feel and respond no matter what is going on.

The program has been structured with a focus in two areas;


Foundational Knowledge.

Understanding how things happen in your mind, body and spirit

Practical Application.

Proven techniques and strategies that really work to make long term changes to the health and vibrancy of your, mind body and spirit.

As you move through the program you will;


map out a life strategy and discover where the imbalances lie

create a personal road-map with measurable goals

identify and overcome the road-blocks

develop heightened self-awareness around mind, body and spirit

identify and address limiting beliefs, stored hurts and unsupportive behaviours

learn how to calm your busy mind

change your self-talk

expand time (yes really!)

apply natural calming techniques for mind, body and spirit

improve the quality of your sleep

create the right environment that allows your immune system to flourish

develop a deeper understanding of yourself

experience many of those ‘aha’ moments signalling real change is underway,

find yourself responding with insight and greater clarity,

enjoy improved relationships at work, at home and socially



 The Program


Your program is based on  following framework:


learning what is and what you want.

Wellness mapping
setting a new direction and outlining some strategies.


The Journey 
Regular 1:1 coaching sessions with your coach.* 
Learning, application and coaching interventions to create new thinking/feeling and doing patterns.
Follow up on recent activities, implement new activities to stimulate change and growth. 

*In person where applicable or via skype or phone.
Sessions start weekly, then become further spaced apart as the program and your capabilities advance.


Materials & Resources
Video lessons, worksheets, resources and downloads shared on a regular basis to keep you smiling, learning and motivated.


Unlimited Email Access

email access for the duration of the program.





 Your Investment



You can be clear about this: Natural Calm is an investment you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

The value of the program is life changing for you and your family.


Natural Calm is available as:

3 Month Program

6 Month Program

12 Month Program


For pricing and details

Book a free 15 minute discovery call here,

 Send and Email

 or call on 0438 767 148


 Meet Your Coach



leonie cridland


Hi I’m Leonie Cridland

I’ve often thought of myself as a phoenix.

I’ve had to rise from the ashes of some seriously challenging times in my life and it's taken me a long time to learn and apply what I needed to find Natural balance, wellness and contentment. My determniation is to help others to find the same without having to go through the difficult process I did.

I have created the Natural Calm program because I have seen and experienced the urgent need for a more comprehensive, natural and sustainable approach to life. Our world has grown exponentially and demands more and more from us. Yet we are still physically, mentally and spiritually the same as we were thousands of years ago. Our beautiful and delicate selves are quite literally being tossed around in an environment that has evolved just a bit too quick for us to keep up.

Stress, depression and anxiety are all visibly on the rise. As are the use of pharmaceuticals to treat them.

The most effective solution is prevention and it can be elegantly simple. It requires just three things:



• That you decide to take responsibility for your wellbeing

• That you learn what needs to be done to restore your wellness

• That you take consistent action to maintain that state.

If you're ready some Natural Calm in action then contact me and tell me why.

More About Me Here 

Want to know more?

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Quality Guarantee

 I know you'll love the Natural Calm program.
Bringing calm and peace into your life exciting and inspiring process!
However, this doesn't happen overnight and depends on your personal committment to making change.

Your results may depend on your committment however if after the first month you are not satisfied with your purchase, please advise me by phone or email before the end of week 5 and you will receive a refund equal to the unused balance of your purchase price.